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1st Midwest Vestibular Rehab Symposium: April 27, 2024

Join us April 2024 for a day of immersive learning and networking with leading experts in vestibular rehabilitation. Gain valuable insights, evidence-based strategies, and connect with like-minded professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your clinical practice!

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An Introduction to Vestibular Rehab

This course will review basic concepts, screening, along with identification and management of common disorders

Advanced & Cervicogenic Dizziness (CGD)

This course will build on foundational concepts and review strategies to identify & management CGD

Central Disorders & Concussion

Special consideration for individuals CVA, TBI, MS, PD including mTBI/Concussion

Why Choose VestibularIQ?

Improve your evaluation and diagnosis accuracy related to vestibular disorders

Exhaustive focus on psycho-motor skill practice to improve your exam and treatment effectiveness

Video case review and  group assignments to improve your pattern recognition and hypo-theoretical deductive reasoning

Live and online learning tracts to best fit your learning style

Clinical Instructors that are always accessible for clinical mentorship

What students are
saying about VestibularIQ

"Whether you're new to this or you've been seeing patients with vestibular conditions for years. I would highly recommend the VRT program"

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