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Certificate of Vestibular Rehab Therapy

Become the next vestibular
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Program Overview
Cert. VRT 1-3

The Cert. VRT program is composed of a three part Vestibular courses series (VRT 1 - 3). The VRT 1-3 course series provides clinically focused information and instruction regarding evidenced-based evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders. Completion of the Cert. VRT program will enable clinicians to treat a variety of simple and complex vestibular disorders. 

An Introduction to Vestibular Rehab


Advanced Vestibular Rehab and Cervicogenic Dizziness


Central Disorders and Concussion Management

Explore Our Courses

Whether you are a beginner or have had years practicing vestibular rehab, we have courses for you! Explore our upcoming beginner to advanced vestibular courses!

Cert. VRT Learning Tracts


  • Recorded All-access VRT 1-3 Lectures
  • Online Exam and Treatment Library
  • Online Technique Skills Check
  • Course Competency Quizzes Online Course Discussion and Networking
  • Online Exam and Practical Cert. Examination
  • Extra - 1 Complementary Vestibular Mentor Session
  • Live

    • Live VRT 1-3 course presentationsHands-on exam and treatment breakout sessions
    • In-class group assignments and practiceTechnique skill checks
    • Written and practical cert. examination

    Program Details

    The Cert. VRT program intended for physical therapists enhance their clinical decision making and grow their vestibular clinical practice.

    Online Anatomy Pre-Course

    Each course in the Cert. VRT program includes a detailed online foundational pre-course. The online VRT foundations coursework provides a review of vestibular anatomy and physiology, cevical spine anatomy and function,  as well as introduction to a patient-response driven treatment philosophy for Vestibular Rehab.

    Hands-on Training 

    ​Learn the examination techniques to differentiate red flag disorders and vestibular dysfunction. The Cert. VRT program will teach you differential diagnosis for vestibular conditions such as BPPV, Vestibular Hypofunction, Cervicogenic Dizziness, and more!  Each course will teach you treatment progressions for for simple and complex vestibular dysfunctions.  

    Interactive Lectures

    Evidence-based lectures will teach how to evaluate and manage patients with vestibular disorders.  We utilize a variety of education materials to promote clinical learning via lecture, video, and hands on lab sessions. Vestibular Rehab Certification is intended to enhance the clinician’s ability to determine the appropriateness of vestibular rehabilitation and identify indications for further medical/diagnostic consultation.  

    Competency Examinations 

    The cornerstone of the Cert. VRT is the competency training. All course participants will complete written, oral and practical competency exams to ensure expert knowledge related to vestibular rehabilitation. 
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